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1. The Building Blocks of Battery Technology: Using Modified Tower Block Game Sets to Explain and Aid the Understanding of Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries. E. H. DriscollE. C. Hayward, R. Patchett, P. A. Anderson and P. R. Slater.

2. Automotive Battery Equalizers Based on Joint Switched-Capacitor and Buck-Boost Converters. K. Liu, Z. Yang, X. Tang and W. Cao.

3. 4D Bragg Edge Tomography of Directional Ice Templated Graphite Electrodes. R. F. Ziesche, A. S. Tremsin, C. Huang, C. Tan, P. S. Grant, M. Storm, D. J. L. Brett, P. R. Shearing and W. Kockelmann.

4. Data mining for quality prediction of battery in manufacturing process: Cathode coating process. M. Niri Faraji, K. Liu, G. Apachitei, L. Roman Ramirez, D. Widanage and J. Marco.



5. Controlling molten carbonate distribution in dual-phase molten salt-ceramic membranes to increase carbon dioxide permeation rates. M. Kazakli, G. A. Mutch, G. Triantafyllou, A. Gouvei Gil, T. Li, B. Wang, J. J. Bailey, D. J. L. Brett, P. R. Shearing, K. Li and I. Metcalfe.

6. Microstructural design of printed graphite electrodes for lithium-ion batteries. D. Gastol, M. Capener, C. Reynolds, C. Constable and E. Kendrick.

7. Multi-layered composite electrodes of high power Li4Ti5O12 and high capacity SnO2 for smart lithium ion storage. S.H. Lee, C. Huang and P.S. Grant.

8. Thermal conversion of carbonaceous waste for carbon nanotubes and hydrogen production: A review. Y. Zhang, H. Zhu, D. Yao, P.T. Williams, C. Wu, D. Xu, Q. Hu, G. Manos, L.Yu, M. Zhao, P.R Shearing and D.J.L. Brett.

9. In-situ ultrasound acoustic measurement of the lithium-ion battery electrode drying process. Y.S. Zhang, A.N.P. Radhakrishnan, J.B. Robinson, R.E. Owen, T.G. Tranter, E. Kendrick, P.R. Shearing and D.J.L Brett.

10. A review of metrology in lithium-ion electrode coating processes. C.D. Reynolds, P.R. Slater, S.D. Hare, M.J.H. Simmons and E. Kendrick.

11. Machine learning for optimised and clean Li-ion battery manufacturing: Revealing the dependency between electrode and cell characteristics. M. Faraji Niri, K. Liu, G. Apachitei, L. Roman Ramirez, M. Lain, D. Widanage, and J. Marco.

12. Feature Analysis and Modelling of Lithium-ion Batteries Manufacturing based on Random Forest Classification. K. Liu, X. Hu, H. Zhou, L. Tong, D. Widanalage and J. Marco.

13. Design of Scalable, Next-Generation Thick Electrodes: Opportunities and Challenges. A.M. Boyce, D.J. Cumming, C. Huang, S.P. Zankowski, P.S. Grant, D.J.L. Brett and P.R. Shearing.

14. Recent advances in acoustic diagnostics for electrochemical power systems. J. Majasan, J. Robinson, R. Owen, M. Maier, A.N.P. Radhakrishnan, M. Pham, T.G. Tranter, Y. Zhang, P. Shearing and D Brett.

15. A Review of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode Drying: Mechanisms and Metrology. Y. Zhang, N.E. Courtier, Z. Zhang, K. Liu, J.J. Bailey, A.M. Boyce, G. Richardson, P.R. Shearing, E. Kendrick and D.J.L. Brett.

16. Multi-length scale microstructural design of lithium-ion battery electrodes for improved discharge rate performance. X. Lu, X. Zhang, C. Tan, T.M.M. Heenan, M. Lagnoni, K. O'Regan, S. Daemi, A. Bertei, H.G. Jones, G. Hinds, J. Park, E. Kendrick, D.J.L. Brett and P.R. Shearing.

17. Understanding the effect of coating-drying operating variables on electrode physical and electrochemical properties of lithium-ion batteries. L.A.Román-Ramírez, G.Apachitei, M.Faraji-Niri, M.Lain, W.D.Widanage, and J.Marco. 

18. In situ x-ray computed tomography of zinc–air primary cells during discharge: correlating discharge rate to anode morphology. J. Hack, D. Patel, J.J. Bailey, F. Iacoviello, P.R. Shearing and D.J.L. Brett.

19. Formulation and manufacturing optimization of lithium-ion graphite-based electrodes via machine learning. S.X. Drakopoulos, A. Gholamipour-Shirazi, P. MacDonald, R.C. Parini, C.D. Reynolds, D.L. Burnett, B. Pye, K.B. O’Regan, G. Wang, T.M. Whitehead, G.J. Conduit, A. Cazacu and E. Kendrick.

20. Large area visualization of the Li distribution in lithium-ion battery electrodes using plasma FIB and SIMS. Y. Sun, G. Hughes, J. Liu, C. Grovenor and P. Grant.


21. Quantifying Key Factors for Optimised Manufacturing of Li-ion Battery Anode and Cathode via Artificial Intelligence. M. Faraji Niri, K. Liu, G. Apachitei, L. Roman Ramirez, M. Lain, D. Widanage and J. Macro.

22. Modelling the impedance response of graded LiFePO4 cathodes for Li-ion batteries. R. Drummond, C. Cheng, P. S. Grant and S. R. Duncan.

23. Cracking predictions of lithium ion battery electrodes by X-ray computed tomography and modelling. A.M. Boyce, E. Martínez-Paneda, A. Wade, Y. Zhang, J.J. Bailey, T.M.M. Heenan, D.J.L. Brett and P.R. Shearing.

24. Experimental data of cathodes manufactured in a convective dryer at the pilot-plant scale, and charge and discharge capacities of half-coin lithium-ion cells. L.A. Román-Ramírez, G. Apachitei, M. Faraji-Niri, M. Lain, D. Widanage and J. Marco.

25. Effective Ultrasound Acoustic Measurement to Monitor the Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode Drying Process with Various Coating Thicknesses. Y.S. Zhang, J.B. Robinson, R.E. Owen, A.N.P. Radhakrishnan, J. Li, J.O. Majasan, P.R. Shearing, E. Kendrick, and D.J.L. Brett.

26. Effect of coating operating parameters on electrode physical characteristics and final electrochemical performance of lithium-ion batteries. L. A. Román-Ramírez, G. Apachitei, M. Faraji-Niri, M. Lain, D. Widanage and J. Marco.

27. Determining the electrochemical transport parameters of sodium-ions in hard carbon composite electrodes. D.Ledwoch, L.Komsiyska, E-M.Hammer, K.Smith, P.R.Shearing, D.J.L.Brett, and E.Kendrick.

28. The effect of cell geometry and trigger method on the risks associated with thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries. W.Q. Walker, K. Cooper, P. Hughes, I. Doemling, M. Akhnoukh, S. Taylor, J. Darst, J. Billman, M. Sharp, D. Petrushenko, R. Owen, M. Pham, T. Heenan, A. Rack, O. Magdsyuk, T. Connolley, D. Brett, P. Shearing, D. Finegan and E. Darcy.

29. 2022 roadmap on 3D printing for energy. A. Tarancón, V. Esposito, M. Torrell, M. Di Vece, J.S. Son, P. Norby, S. Bag, P.S. Grant, A. Vogelpoth, S. Linnenbrink, M. Brucki, T. Schopphoven, A. Gasser, E. Persembe, D. Koufou, S. Kuhn, R. Ameloot, X. Hou, K. Engelbrecht, C.R. H. Bahl, N. Pryds, J. Wang, C. Tsouris, E. Miramontes, L. Love, C. Lai, X. Sun, M.R. Kærn, G. Criscuolo and D.B. Pedersen.

30. Low-voltage SEM of air-sensitive powders: from sample preparation to micro/nano analysis with Secondary Electron Hyperspectral Imaging. J. F. Nohl, N. T. H. Farr, Y. Sun , G. M. Hughes , S. A. Cussen and C. Rodenburg.

31. Applications of advanced metrology for understanding the effects of drying temperature in lithium-ion battery electrodes manufacturing process. Y.S. Zhang, J.J. Bailey, Y. Sun, A.M. Boyce, W. Dawson, C.D. Reynolds, Z. Zhang, X. Lu, P. Grant, E. Kendrick, P.R. Shearing and D.J.L. Brett.

32. Discrete element method (DEM) analysis of lithium ion battery electrode structures from X-ray tomography-the effect of calendering conditions. R. Ge, D.J. Cumming and R.M. Smith.

33. Carbon binder domain networks and electrical conductivity in lithium-ion battery electrodes: A Critical Review. J. Entwistle, R. Ge, K. Pardikar, R.M. Smith, D.J. Cumming